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My two fuzzes are rad. They have found a permanent place on my pedalboard.The Divination cleans up really well and the silicon fuzz face has a very pleasant dirtyness that I love.

Ryan S

Pick up the Holiday artwork version of The Dark Messenger Germanium Treble Booster. Absolutely am in love with this pedal. Immediate addition to my pedalboard. Igor was great to deal with and even personally delivered the pedal!! Since shipping was in our hometown was severely behind and in chaos. Will for sure be continuing to support him into the future!

Christopher W

Amazing tones, designs, cost   
Best pedals I’ve had in a long time

Melvin L

Got my Dark Messenger today... I’m always in the market for that “secret sauce” pedal, and WOW... super impressed!!! It’s kinda like a treble boost that also rewards you with a fuzz-like character, without ever sounding cruddy...(especially the far right position. My favorite)... just the blooming “good stuff” I personally love, with nice pick attack and endless sustain! Then back off the guitar volume just a notch or two and it tightens up and gives you a next-level chunky attack that lends itself well to organic hard rock... I’m placing it in front of an amp set to a tight crunch to begin with. All the while, it cleans up beautifully with the guitar volume to a beautiful broken clean tone, and almost completely clean with a softer pick attack, with great sustain. Super dynamic pedal!!
Without technically being a “fuzz pedal”, it’s actually the fuzz pedal I’ve always wanted.
I could go on and on, but I’ll just say “it’s a keeper” and has already found a permanent place on my pedal board... THANK YOU!!

Scott D

This pedal absolutely RIPS - currently pairing with a superfuzz and a AC30, the clarity and control it’s allowed my signal has made it a new staple in my chain. 
(Dark Messenger)

Kellen B

I bought the The Dark Messenger Germanium Treble Booster This thing rips! Low noise (practically none @ all) operation. I use it by itself for a cool rhythm tone and then push the front end of one of my fuzz pedals for killer saturation. This pedal is very well built, and will never leave my board anytime soon! Igor was in contact with me from start to finish when I received my pedal, very happy customer.

Chris H

I've been working with Igor for a while now, had him repair and mod some pedals for me. Clean work, outstanding rates and overall a great guy to work with. Highly recommended.

Bashar S

Igor was extremely easy to work with and very fast to respond to all and any questions I had. Easy drop-off and pick-up and exceptionally well priced for labour and parts. Quick turn-around time as well. One of the fuzz pedals he was fixing was one I attempted to modify myself (with little success) and said he would try a couple ideas for the new hole I had drilled to add some more options to the pedal's sound. Ultimately though, due to the pedal design the ideas just weren't sounding good, so he told me he went with a more simplified circuit plan. I appreciated the honesty and adding to that, he dropped the initial quote by $15. Would happily deal with Igor again.


I ordered a custom double overdrive pedal (Klon + Bluesbreaker) from StonegateFx. The pedal is fantastic, great sound, quality and workmanship! Also, amazing customer service! 
StonegateFx also repaired my BYOC Silver Pony II and was able to fit BYOC confidence boost into a 1590a enclosure. I couldn't be happier with the results of his work!


 I have come to Stonegate for two pedal repairs and one (Klon) clone build and have been very satisfied with all aspects of this work. The repairs were quick, reasonably priced, and done well. The new pedal sounds great and instantly found a place on my board. I'd gladly recommend Stonegate!


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