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The Dark Messenger - Germanium Treble booster 


2N404A Version in grey enclosure

-Slightly higher gain than regular MP16B version 


Relive the tones of old with The Dark Messenger, a revamped treble booster. Featuring a NOS Soviet germanium transistor, send your overdriving amp into doomy textures, metal riffs or whatever your heart desires. 



Mechanical true bypass

NOS Soviet germanium transistor (MP16B)

Alpha/Vimex potentiometer

High quality toggle switch

Internal voltage inverter, to run on standard 9v center negative 

Internal LED brightness trimmer 

Quality caps and resistors for low noise operation 

Top mounted Lumberg/Switchcraft brand audio jacks for quality and pedalboard friendliness 

Lumberg high quality power jack




Boost - Sets the amount of volume boost 

Tone - Switches between full range boost (left), mid boost (middle), and treble boost (right) 



This pedal has to be first in the chain (before any buffers) for proper operation 



For different LED colours or knobs please send an email first!

The Dark Messenger 2N404A

Out of Stock
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