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Sticker Screamer Overdrive


A familar TS type overdrive in a one of a kind enclosure.


This one turned out super cool, a bit of a tribute to guitar pedals and the DIY guitar pedal world. The enclosure is plastered with my own stickers and some stickers I had from lovemyswitches. 

They're a pedal part supplier that are a staple in the industry! (Thanks Lawrence & crew, you guys rock).


Seriously check out if you're a nerd that likes to build cool stuff.


For this pedal I used my favourite clipping diodes and a premium low noise opamp for a refined sound. The diodes have a bit less clipping than a standard TS drive so the sound is more open and less compressed. The LED option is even more open and has much more volume. The loudest setting is the middle one, which turns the diodes off and is more like a clean boost.



Low noise Opamp (NE5532)

Three way clipping switch

High quality resistors/capacitors

Switchcraft audio jacks

Lumberg power jack

Pink indicator LED

Top mounted jacks

Vimex/Alpha pots

Mechanical true bypass



Left knob: Overdrive

Right knob: Level/Volume

Middle: Tone

Switch Up: Assymetrical silicon clipping

Switch middle: clipping off 

Switch down: LED clipping


Power: 9-18v (but no more than that) center negative power supply





Sticker Screamer Overdrive

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