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Fuzz Bouquet - Tweakable Fuzz/Distortion

Made with no compromises in tone and quality, for touring, studio use and everything in between.


Introducing the "Fuzz Bouquet" by StonegateFx, a captivating fuzz/distortion pedal that pushes the boundaries of tone and versatility. Designed as a highly customizable variant of the classic Big Muff, the Fuzz Bouquet offers an exceptional range of sonic possibilities, allowing guitarists to sculpt their sound with precision and finesse.



Premium components for low noise operation

Top mounted jacks

Mechanical true bypass

UV printed enclosure

Internal LED brightness control

Lumberg power jack

Vimex potentiometers

Alpha footswitch

Gold-plated PCB



Controls pedal output volume Clockwise=more



Controls pedal distortion/saturation Clockwise=more

Turn all the way right for optimal enjoyment



Controls overall tone

Counter-clockwise=High frequency cut

Clockwise=Low frequency cut



Controls overall mid frequency response

Up=Mid scoop

Middle=Flat mids

Down=Mid push



Controls clipping diodes

Up= LED clipping


Down=Silicon diode clipping

Right side switch=1st clipping stage

Left side switch=2nd clipping stage


Uses standard 9v center negative power supply (not included)


Fuzz Bouquet

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