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Divination - Silicon Tonebender 



Owls in some cultures folklore are said to have powers of prophecy and divination. Whether you believe in folklore or not, the owl must be feared and respected. 


Divination is a three knob silicon tonebender. All the great tonebender sounds you know and love but without the instability of germanium and a useful tone knob. No pricy "mojo" parts have been used in this pedal, only high quality modern parts are used for low noise operation.  



Mechanical true bypass

Matte black powdercoated enclosure with UV printed art

Internal LED brightness trimpot

Top mounted Lumberg/Switchcraft audio jacks and Lumberg power jack

Alpha/Vimex potentiometers

Nichicon audio grade capacitors 

1% metal film resistors 



Volume: controls output level

Fuzz: controls total fuzz/distortion

Tone: rolls off treble when turned counterclockwise 


Divination - Silicon Tonebender

Only 2 left in stock
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