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The StonegateFx Distortion 1978

Limited to four total units

The Distortion 1978 is a faithful recreation of the classic orange distortion box from 1978. It features the original TA7136 preamp chip, vintage similar spec to original diodes, and a three way clipping switch. 


Premium components for low noise operation

Top mounted jacks

Mechanical true bypass

UV printed enclosure

Lumberg power jack

Vimex potentiometers

Alpha footswitch

Gold-plated PCB


Requires 9v center negative power supply



Volume - Controls overall volume

Gain - Controls distortion level

Tone -  Counterclockwise attenuates high frequencies and clockwise attenuates bass frequencies


Up - Original 1978 spec silicon diodes

Middle - Clipping diodes off

Down - Assymetrical silicon/LED clipping


Distortion 1978

Only 1 left in stock
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