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"Транзистор" (Transistor) Silicon Fuzz Face

Christmas Edition

Limited to 5 Units


The StonegateFx Транзистор (Transistor in Russian) is a silicon fuzz face. It utilizes a vintage 2N2369A metal can transistor as well as a 2N3053 metal can transistor for a great vintage smooth sound.


This pedal is built for the modern guitar player, it can be powered by a standard center negative boss style power supply, and unlike most fuzz face style fuzzes, it can be put anywhere in the pedal chain. 


It can be put anywhere in the chain with its internal pickup simulator and in/out buffers. The pickup simulator is basically a small audio transformer that mimics the impedance of a guitar pickup. That way the circuit "sees" a guitar pickup and sounds as if it is first in the chain. With the additional input/output buffers you don't have to worry about other pedals affecting the fuzz's tone! 


But aren't buffers bad? 


The buffers in this pedal mean that the fuzz circuit is effectively isolated from any other guitar pedal you may have in the chain, so other pedals won't affect the tone or the feel of the fuzz! 

And it's still true bypass! (the buffers are not active when the pedal is turned off) 



Volume - Overall output volume

Fuzz - Fuzz/distortion amount 

Tone - affects the bias/mid range of the pedal 


"Tone" knob explained: 

The tone knob slightly affects the bias voltage of Q2, turning it counterclockwise gives it a more "scooped" sound, and clockwise give it a more midrange focused sound (and a bit of an apparent volume boost)



Mechanical true bypass

UV printed enclosure

Internal LED brightness trimpot

Top mounted Switchcraft audio jacks and Lumberg power jack

Vimex pots

Nichicon audio grade capacitors 

1% metal film resistors 

Pickup simulator 

Regular center negative 9v 2.1mm power supply required (not included) 



"Транзистор" Silicon Fuzz Face Holiday Edition

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